Some settings for Google Chrome on Android phones

Mainly chrome: // flags configuration, a total of seven, chrome pseudo-address outside the pure hand hit

1. New label custom one / recommended news settings: chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-snippets If you want to return to the previous version of the new label style, then put this one ( off ), But this will not see the "recently opened bookmarks". If you want to keep "recently opened bookmarks," personal recommendations choose "(via content ... backed by Google Now)" this one, the press and instant card news unified; Also to open the second point below.

2. The new label custom two / recently opened bookmark: chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-bookmark-suggestions can display recently opened bookmarks, personally feel more cool point (after all, before that pseudo-Dock =. = ), It is recommended to use with the first point.

3. The new label custom three / enter the repeat URL: chrome://flags/#ntp-switch-to-existing-tab This is a very easy to use ~ disabled by default, when you open a new tab Has opened (in another tab) opens the web site, then you will jump directly to the old tab ... you can choose "through the web site" (in fact, dns domain name) or "through the host" (it should be IP bar). I chose the former.

4. Turn on the hidden function / join the webpage reading mode: chrome://flags/# reader-mode-heuristics Recommend choose "forever", restart each time you open a web page can enter the reading mode, there will be an entry option below .

5. Open the hidden function two / open the download management page: chrome://flags/#enable-downloads-ui
A little bit of the menu after the opening will have an option to download the management interface and an offline download button for the current webpage.

6. Disable pull-down refresh: chrome://flags/#disable-pull-to-refresh-effect
Default is turned on, there are two advantages after the closure: 1, and then do not have to endure some of the friends are not good friends of the website pull the wrong touch orz; 2, you can use some more long press the point menu refresh cool effects. (In fact, it's because you can go down to a variety of menus down from a little bit of menu .. Another wavy animation with a finger across an option: pretty cool!)

7. Progress bar animation adjustment: chrome://flags/#progress-bar-animation The speed of chrome is generally recognized as fast, but the progress bar on Android seems to offset that feeling (especially when the network is poor). Personal recommendation of this one set to "quick start", the progress bar can fully reflect the speed of chrome

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