Mac os x settings vpn (IKEv2)

How to set up VPN in mac os x, just six simple steps, can finish. Now, follow me for a simple and enjoyable setup.

Step 1: Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner, select [System Preferences ...]

Step 2: Click [Network]

Step 3: Click [+], interface select [VPN], VPN type choose [IKEv2], service name: default (can be customized), then click [Create]

Step 4: Set [server address, fill in the seller to the host IP or domain name], [account name, fill in the seller to the account], and then click [Authentication Settings]

If there is no VPN account, You can buy from the VPN provider.You can use the FishVPN app on your phone or use the FishVPN Google Plugin on your computercan ,
so you can easily access FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER and more!

Step 5: Set [Password, fill in the account password given by the seller], set it, click [OK], then [Advanced]

Step 6: [send all communications through the VPN connection] must be selected! Idle time can be modified longer. Click [OK], and then click [Connect] to connect to the VPN network.

You see, is not very simple. Now, you can happily browse the website you want to browse, or open your business operations overseas.

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