Secure your internet connection


In most cases, you are unsafe when using the internet, especially in an open and free Wi-FI network. Internet Service Providers(ISPs) and prying eyes maybe record your activity. If your data is transmitted without any encryption, it can be see by anyone.

VPN can help you

How to protect your privacy and secure access to the internet? Virtual private network(VPN) can help you. VPN extends a virtual private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data through security connections, virtual tunneling protocols and traffic encryption. VPN helps to control online communications and keep your activity away from prying eyes.

VPN can do more

More and more Internet connections are being filtered, from public Wi-Fi and workplace connection filtering to ISPs and country-level censorship.Many sites are blocked, for example, Google,Facebook, YouTube and so on.In this scenario, VPN helps to get around the filters. VPN keeps your location private and allows you to switch easily and quickly between large numbers of VPN server locations across the globe. VPN also can accelerate connection via the global VPN servers.

Proposed VPN Service

There are many kinds of VPN services, my proposal is FishVPN. FishVPN is an Unlimited Free VPN to access your favorite APP and Website using the FASTEST VPN Servers. It is also Used to hide your IP and secure your Wi-Fi connection.

FishVPN features:

  • Free forever (with ads)
  • No credit cards needed
  • No Registration or Login is needed
  • No log is saved from any users
  • Simple, one tap connect to our global servers
  • Automatically connects you to the fastest VPN Server
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