About cell phone security

As technology grows and the number of mobile phones increases, mobile phones and the necessities of life become everyone's life.Mobile phones bring us a lot of convenience other than calling, such as browsing news, games and entertainment, social log,Shopping payment and more.

Phone greatly enriched our lives, its importance is growing, so we should be on the phone's security Pay more attention and strengthen.

Criminals invade our cell phones by technical means, steal our important information, cheat our belongings, and more.

We can protect from several aspects:

1. equipment safety.

Buy smartphones from regular stores and avoid buying phones that are not factory-installed;
Get the phone after the Apple phone to avoid jailbreak operation, Android phone to avoid ROOT Brush operation, because the brush and jailbreak to bring security to the user will also bring great security risks; the phone to avoid using the common charge port or connect to strangers Computer.

2. communication security

Not free to use the public WIFI network; Cautious identification of pseudo-base station text messages and phone calls; Do not easily answer strange calls; Do not easily click on the SMS link in the website.

3. Information Security.

Turn off the Apple mobile phone to turn off the location information upload function; Turn on the password protection function provided by the mobile phone; Reduce the local password save.

4. mobile application security.

Try to download mobile apps from official sources; update the operating system and software regularly; read the software permissions carefully before installing the software.

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